UC Davis (IE) and EduGate, LLC, 2014 Summer Custom English and College Preparation Program

EduGate, LLC. is proud to announce a custom English and College Preparation Program, offered at UC Davis. Proposed dates are July 6th – 26th, 2014.

This program consists of a series of daily English classes, afternoon workshops and activities focused on college preparation.  The English classes for the program include Communication Skills, U.S. Society and Culture, and Everyday Expressions and Idioms. The focus of the Communication Skills class is to increase both the fluency and accuracy of the students’ speaking skills as well as to give the students opportunities to examine various conversation styles in different situations.  In U.S. Society and Culture, students will learn about American attitudes, values, history, and popular culture in relation to their own culture.  In the Everyday Expressions and Idioms class, students will learn many expressions and vocabulary used by Americans, especially in informal speech.

The primary goals for the program are:

  • To offer the students a cross-cultural experience
  • To enhance their knowledge and use of American English
  • To enhance their knowledge of higher education in the United States
  • To increase their basic knowledge of American culture
  • To experience various sites within northern California of academic, historical and social significance

To further prepare them for undergraduate education in the U.S., the program includes a talk by UC Davis admissions, workshops on the college admissions process and preparation, U.S. College Study Skills course, SAT/TOEFL preparation workshops, and tours of UC Davis and Sacramento State campuses.  The program concludes with a Certificate Ceremony.

For more information please email info@edugate.us or fill out the contact form.

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