Gearing Up for China Spring Festival U.S. English and College Prep Program

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering one, possibly two, spring festival college prep courses in 2014, at University of California, Davis. These programs are designed for high school students who want to a) prepare for the TOEFL or SAT, b) understand the college application and admission process, c) acquire U.S. college and study skills, d) meet college students from UC Davis, and finally, earn 2 college credit courses while attending this 2 week program. For more information please contact us at

Beijing Royal School Students At UC, Davis

EduGate’s students from the Beijing Royal School, Beijing, are enjoying their third week at University of California, Davis, learning and preparing for applying to US universities. This process is new to most students coming form china and will help them prepare and understand what really is needed to navigate the complex application process. We expect another group in the winter.



UC Davis offering Summer College Credit Program Course

EduGate just confirmed that UC Davis (University of California, Davis) will be offering a credit course “How to Succeed in U.S. Colleges and Universities” that will more than likely become available this summer.  It can be worked around a program, so it does not have fixed dates.

It will be a two credit course that can count towards student’s electives.  Ultimately, as with any transfer of credits, it is up to the academic institution to accept.

We can incorporate it into any of the custom programs that are 2-4 weeks in length, and is basically an in-depth college preparation course with time management, study skills, and other helpful resources for future undergraduates studying in the U.S.
Please let me know if you are interested…